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Renée Barrett

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Changes in business, relationships, & the world around us are inevitable. With that in mind Renée Barrett (aka AAARenee) designed Awareness, Action, Accountability, a sustainable process for changing, adapting, & thriving amidst the chaos & uncertainty that comes with change.

Every aspect of business and life is fundamentally about change. Doing things the same way year after year usually means that you are in the position of falling (or failing) slowly behind the competition. Random acts of marketing, social media that lacks a business strategy, & unfocused business development efforts dominate the legal market place. Shifting your priorities will accelerate your business!

The Awareness, Action, Accountability approach sets the trajectory, prioritizes goals, establishes next steps, and course corrects as needed. Partnering with Awareness, Action, Accountability will having you moving forward with measurable results. We offer creativity and focus on results that connect the dots that lead to profitability. Call us to learn more (310) 823-4968.