Professional Summary
Renée Barrett (aka AAARenee) is a highly knowledgeable business development & marketing professional with over 15 years experience in creating and executing business development strategies, public relations, and marketing tactics to advance the initiatives for Am Law 100 law firms, not-for-profit organizations, and select clients. She is an accomplished relationship builder with partners, general counsel, retired judges, corporate officers, decision makers, and support staff who embraces technology and strategic changes for optimal results. AAARenee is well-versed in the professional services culture and global business environment. She is a diplomatic, client-oriented, and dedicated team player with a track record of raising visibility and increasing participation in marketing and business development-related activities. On behalf of her clients, she constantly monitors evolving trends, uses creativity and focuses on results that connect the dots and lead to profitability.

Who Is AAARenee?
AAARenee is a life long learner & teacher of new technologies. Born in the days before caller ID, GPS, cable TV, & smartphones, she now rarely answer calls she don’t recognize, relies on turn-by-turn audio directions, watches TV online, & feels lost when the battery on her phone goes dead. She is forever grateful that she grew up during an age where she learned how to do things one way & then again with the application of technology. She has a passion for people, online social networking, CRMs, and using technology tools to meet business and personal objectives. AAARenee is equal parts analog & digital moving between the two as thoughts & needs shift. She encourage people to “Log Off & Meet Up” every chance they get.

Why Work With Lawyers?
By age 7 AAARenee wanted to be a lawyer. She was fascinated by Judge Wapner of the People’s Court and other made for television legal dramas. She saw the battle for legal justice as the ultimate chess match of who could best maneuver the laws & make a case more convincingly. Needless to say, AAARenee was captivated by the drama of a courtroom story. In college, she realized that the high theatric lawyering she fell for was the stuff of Hollywood & not the day-to-day life of a litigator or transactional attorney. Over time, she learned her natural skills were for marketing & business development. Instead of wanting to be the star, she decided to be a supporting cast member. Rather than pursuing law school, she went on to work in the Marketing/Business Development/Client Relations departments of the American Arbitration Association (AAA)Sheppard, Mullin, Richter & Hampton, & Kirkland & Ellis.

In 2007, she launched Awareness, Action, Accountability. Drawing from her American Arbitration Association Internet dialup days, she decided to use her first AOL handle, AAARenee as the inspiration for her business.

AAARenee Philosophy
AAARenee strives to inspire people to think bigger, work smarter, & change in deliberate ways that improve the world around them.

Why Hire AAARenee?
If you are struggling with name recognition, business growth, digital engagement, social media, branding, profits, lead generation, community influence, or staying on track, then you should hire Awareness, Action, Accountability because on & off line these are her strengths. Schedule a call today to discuss goals, prioritize projects, & plot a course for your success! Call AAARenee at (310) 823-4968.


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